ARTICLE I (Structure)

1.01 The name of the club shall be "Chollas RC Flyers"; hereinafter referred to as "CRCF" or "Club".

1.02 The Club shall be operated as a non-profit organization under a charter granted by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

ARTICLE II (Goals and Policies)

2.01 The primary goal of the CRCF shall be to provide a framework to further the hobby of model aviation and to promote the goals of the AMA in an atmosphere of brotherhood and fellowship.

2.02 The Club shall, at all times, implement nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonracial and nondiscriminatory policies in all of its activities.

ARTICLE III (Officers)

3.01 The officers of the club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer.

3.02 The officers of the Club and the immediate past President or if unavailable, a past club officer will be selected by the President to comprise the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall hold meetings as necessary at the discretion of its members to conduct Club business. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called upon by any two members of the Committee.

3.03 The duties of the Club officers shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. President: preside over all general club meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee, appoint all committees and supervise all Club activities.

  2. Vice President: assume all the duties of the President in the President's absence and coordinate the activities of all committees

  3. Secretary: record the minutes of all Club meetings; conduct Club correspondence, send notices of all special events and maintain Club records.

  4. Treasurer: maintain adequate Club financial records, collect all dues and fees. Pay all bills in a timely manner and submit an annual financial statement at the regularly scheduled 4th quarter meeting.

  5. Safety Officer: appoints field marshals who will together enforce all safety rules as directed by AMA and CRCF Field Rules. Each member should respect and obey all safety rules when pointed out by either the Safety Officer or Field Marshalls. A member verbally warned of a violation of safety rules may receive written notice from the Executive Committee and possible suspension of flying privileges.

3.04 All checks drawn on Club bank accounts must be signed by the Treasurer. All contracts involving the Club shall be signed by the President and any one of the other elected officers. Any and all expenditures of CRCF funds in excess of $400 shall be approved by the board majority. Annual expenditures will not exceed $1,500 unless authorized by a board majority. Permit or lease with the city shall be exempt from this requirement.

3.05 The President will appoint a Nominating Committee of three (3) regular members which will include the immediate past President in October of each year. The Nominating Committee will present at least one nomination for each elective office at the 4th quarter meeting of the Club. Nominations may be made from the floor subject to personal acceptance by the nominees. Newly elected officers will be installed during the regular first quarter Club meeting.

3.06 Officers will be elected to serve a one year term of office. A member may serve more than one term consecutively as a club Officer provided they are elected annually by a majority of voting members. Early vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the membership at a special election to be held at the next regularly scheduled club meeting.

ARTICLE IV (Membership)

4.01 Membership in the CRCF shall be open to persons with an active interest in radio control model aircraft. Members will be responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused and conform to the Club safety rules and Field Rules. A membership may be cancelled by the Executive Committee if an injury, accident or property damage claim is not settled within 60 days by the responsible party. Any member deliberately violating the Club safety or field rules or not acting in a sportsman-like manner may be subject to suspension from the Club or other disciplinary measures including expulsion by action of the Executive Committee.

4.02 The total number of active memberships in the Club will be open unless action by the Executive Committee is necessary to limit membership due to safety concerns at the flying field.

4.03 An applicant for CRCF membership must be a current AMA member. Applicants may be reviewed by the Executive Committee at the Committee's discretion.

There shall be two (2) classes of membership within the Club:

1. Adult: those members eighteen (18) years of age or older

2. Youth: those members under eighteen (18) years old

The rights, privileges and interest of each class of membership shall be equal except the youth must have parental permission to sign their application and cannot vote.

4.04 Any person desiring new membership in the CRCF must submit the following:

  1. A signed current membership application

  2. Proof of current year AMA membership

  3. Check including Field charge plus current annual dues. See the current membership application form for prices.

A signed membership application signifies that the individual is familiar with and will abide by both AMA and CRCF safety rules.

4.05 The Safety Officer may appoint Field Marshalls who will enforce all field rules. Members may receive a verbal warning for infractions of by laws or Field Rules. Additional similar infractions either reported by a member or Safety Office or Field Marshall will result in a written warning from the Executive Committee and a hearing scheduled to determine appropriate discipline.

4.06 Upon receiving a complaint concerning a Club member, the member will be notified in writing of the complaint by the Executive Committee. For a serious or repeated infraction, the Committee may suspend the member and they will be notified in writing of the suspension and offered the opportunity to appear before the Executive Committee at a mutually acceptable scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee. Failure to appear at the discipline hearing by the charged member will result in indefinite suspension of flying privileges.

4.07 Current AMA members who are not members of CRCF may fly twice as guests of the Club after which they must join the Club to continue flying.

ARTICLE V (Dues and Fees)

5.01 Club dues shall be collected and accounted for by the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall keep such records as are necessary to insure that all members keep their dues current. All dues, fees and assessments collected by the Treasurer become the sole property of CRCF and are not refundable.

5.02 The dues structure of CRCF will be established by the Executive Committee as necessary to meet the financial responsibilities of the Club.

5.03 Special assessment may be levied on the membership after a sixty seven (67%) percent approval vote by a quorum during a Club general meeting.

5.04 Annual Club dues are payable with membership allocation. All current memberships must be reinstated by January 1st of each year with proof of current AMA membership for the coming year. Exceptions can only be granted by the Club President personally.

ARTICLE VI (Meetings)

6.01 Regular scheduled meetings between the board and membership are normally held once a calendar quarter on a Saturday at the flying field staring at 10AM weather permitting. Any proposed permanent changes in the time and place of the regular meetings must be submitted to a vote of the members for majority approval.

6.02 The use of Robert's Rules of Order will be followed at all official business meetings of the Club unless waived by a majority of those present.


7.01 The presence of ten (10%) percent of the paid up members at a regularly scheduled meeting shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting Club business.

ARTICLE VIII (Amendments)

8.01 Member suggestions for changing Club rules, procedures, dues structure, field safety rules, etc. should be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee for evaluation. The committee will report back its findings to the membership.

8.02 Any member may propose a change, addition or amendment to the bylaws. All such proposals shall be submitted in writing to the President for reading to the full membership at the next regularly schedule Club meeting, at which time one (1) written copy of the proposed change shall be passed around to the membership present.

At the next Club business meeting following the presentation of the proposed change to the members, the proposal shall be submitted to the members for a vote. A two-thirds (2/3) majority is required for approval of change.