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All Club Members and Guests must be familiar with all Club Information and abide by the guidelines and directions by Club Officials. Please be sure to stay up to date with Club ByLaws, Field Rules, Flight Zones, and information pertaining to our Field Location.


Our ByLaws establish our management structure and how we function as a club. All members are required to be familiar with the Club ByLaws. To access our ByLaws click on the text above.

Field Rules

These rules are enforced to promote safe flying and courteous treatment of all flying equipment and discourage aggressive behavior and/or flying.

Flight Zones

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the Club's flight zones to ensure everyone's safety and avoid being in violation of Field Rules.

Field Location

Visit us today at 5997 College Grove Drive, San Diego, CA 92115. Flying is permitted between sunrise and a half-hour before sunset, 7 days a week.

Board of Directors

Our strength lies in our unity and dedication to growing a safe, welcoming, and dynamic RC flight club. The Board of Directors is here for you.

For questions or concerns email us at

Harley Davis


Floyd Wallis

Vice President

Ricardo Ramos

Secretary | Webmaster

Roberto Singson

AMA Safety Officer